About Theo Gould

The impact of Theo’s years studying Philosophy before he fell in love with his camera is always present in his photography. Theo has an extraordinary commitment to his responsibility as an artist and photographer. Through his pictures he tells stories that unite the family of man.  Stories that respect the people in them, that truly capture the essence of humanity, and that bring us back to the core idea that we are all one. The notion that we are all human and going about our daily lives is the unique grain in the voice of his work. His unmistakable black and white style is realistic, yet hints at the surreal, often using heavy contrasts and strong highlights to bring his photographs to life. Theo has won and been shortlisted for a whole host of awards for his work including: The International Photography Awards, The Independent Photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson Passaporte Prize, Life Framer Street Photography, International Photographer of the Year, and has in turn shot for a number of leading publications including: Inter Magazine, The Guardian, Feed Magazine and Positive Magazine.

His favourite photographer is Malick Sidibé.

(Prints available at request.)


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