About Theo Gould

A photograph by definition only captures a fleeting moment. A photographer too can only stay with their subject for a finite period of time. So, when I look back through my photographs I find myself questioning what series of events in the frame that led up to that precise moment when I clicked the shutter. Questions such as: why they were there; where they were going; why their expression is as it is; and what they were thinking about in that exact moment.

As a photographer my job is to capture moments of beauty, although I prefer to find those moments in unconventional places. My goal is to tell stories that transcend race, class and nationality that show similarities between seemingly different people rather than deepen the divisions in an already divided world, stories that respect humanity and cultures foreign to my own. Having a degree in Philosophy is useful in this respect as it helps to strip back all the immaterial parts until there is the one thing that we all share: the unavoidable truth that we are all human beings going about our daily lives.

Although I am English and grew up in London, I previously lived in Colombia and now reside in Portugal. My work has been commended in various prestigious awards and been published in a number of well-respected magazines and newspapers: most notably in The Guardian.

My favourite photographer is Malick Sidibé.

(Prints available at request.)

Theo x

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